Colorado Homebuilders Go Solar with SunPower

Solar energy is booming in the Centennial State

Why should Colorado homebuilders offer solar on newly constructed homes?

Colorado law requires homebuilders to offer buyers a solar panel system, solar thermal system, or pre-wiring for either of these systems. As a result, when you build new single-family homes, you must consider their potential solar production within your blueprints.

That's why solar for Colorado homebuilders is a high priority in your new home construction.

Additionally, Colorado's solar energy production is booming, and adding solar to your new home builds is an excellent way to keep up with these clean energy trends. Currently, the state ranks in the 11th spot nationwide for solar energy production, housing over 93,315 solar installations.*

This impressive existing solar production combined with the state's 300+ sunny days per year makes Colorado uniquely positioned to continue optimizing solar usage.* When you offer solar for new construction projects, your builds can align with Colorado's solar laws, help the state maintain its impressive solar rankings, and appeal to potential buyers.

Why would consumers want to buy new homes with solar panels?

Colorado residents have numerous incentives to purchase homes with solar panels.

First, when residents purchase homes with solar systems, they help contribute to Colorado's clean energy initiatives. Colorado is working to transition to 100% clean energy production by 2040 and cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. Homeowners who produce and utilize solar energy play a significant role in achieving these goals.

Further, approximately 86% of Colorado roofs are solar-viable.* Homeowners can feel confident that they can power most, if not all, of their electric appliances with the energy that their rooftop panels can produce. This comprehensive solar production can save them money long-term and increase their property values.

When you add rooftop solar panels during the building stage, you take all of the work out of the future owner's transition to solar energy. As a result, the future owner can benefit from the above incentives without independently scheduling and planning the installation.

Are there financial incentives for builders who use renewable energy?

Colorado's solar energy costs have decreased by 43% over the last five years, making now an excellent time to capitalize on affordable installation prices.*

You can also inform potential buyers about financial incentives they could benefit from when purchasing your solar-producing home build. For example, the average Colorado homeowner saves between $17,000 and $23,000 on energy costs over the 20 years following their solar installations.* Solar energy can offset homeowners' electricity bills by 80% to 108%.*

Homeowners can also take advantage of solar tax credits and rebates to offset their solar installation costs. For example, many homeowners are eligible for a Federal Investment Tax Credit worth 26% of their installation costs through the end of 2022. Various utility companies across the state offer rebates and cash incentives for their customers as well.

Finally, homeowners may be able to take advantage of net metering through their utility companies. This program allows residents to sell unused solar energy to their utility companies, saving them money each month.

What's the best way to add solar to new single-family homes in Colorado?

If you're looking to obtain the best solar for Colorado home builders, we recommend working with a qualified solar provider throughout the process.

A reputable solar provider can help you design and install efficient solar systems on your new home builds. The best providers will consider your:

  • Budget

  • Timeline

  • Available roof space

  • Average daily sunlight

  • Home energy needs

They will then use this information to craft a custom installation suitable for your specific building project.

Start working with our seasoned solar solutions professionals today by contacting us at SunPower. Chat with one of our customer service representatives to learn more about solar for Colorado home builders.